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About This Event

If you’ve ever wanted to explore the links between your mind, your energy, healing and creating the life you want…If you’ve been living with pain, depression, stress or you’ve been feeling stuck and looking for answers, here’s your chance.

Former lawyer and master energy healer Kim Fraser (Shakti Durga) will demonstrate healing, asking people with pain to volunteer for a quick simple healing designed for rapid pain relief. There’ll be some music, some fun, stories and laughs – see how you can renovate your self and your life Being, your journey to inner peace and wellbeing, and experience more lightness happiness and contentment than you ever dreamed of.

Secure your place at one of these fun, free information sessions. What you’ll experience in 1.5hrs will amaze you!

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17 – 19 NOVEMBER 2018

What You’ll Experience

  • Fun, experiential session. Experience a simple guided meditation to clear your mind and energy field
  • Discover how simple it can be to sweep the stress and pain out of your body, or that of a loved one
  • Be inspired to be a more energised and vibrant form of you
  • Meet like-minded explorers, looking for natural ways to experience health and wellbeing
  • Open your mind to new ideas
  • Ask questions from a Master Energy Healer, who has taught 100s of people and helped thousands live lives of greater peace, health and empowerment
  • Connect with a supportive community to help encourage your journey of growth
  • Meet Kim Fraser (Shakti Durga) in person

What You’ll Learn

  • Simple tips to manage your energy and stop taking on ‘other people’s stuff’!
  • Reboot your life
  • What and where are your energy centres
  • How to activate your energy
  • Meditation and easy exercises that will help you feel brighter and more balanced and that will ease pain and reduce stress
  • Get a taste of a powerful non-touch healing modality: Ignite Your Spirit Energy Healing (IYS)

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I Can Walk Again – A Physical Miracle

“I was unable to stand or walk for more than 5 minutes due to L4-5 prolapse disc and severe canal stenosis. This caused acute nerve pain plus weakness & numbness in both feet and a lack of balance. I’d had a CT scan and was on a 4 week waiting list to see a Neuro Surgeon. Shakti Durga did work on the L4-5 bulging disc and nerves. In the healing I could feel my spine strength and elongate. Before the healing I had about 20-30% sensation in my feet. The next day I had 80-90% feeling back in my feet and I could stand and walk, with a huge reduction on pain, so I could easily stop taking Endone. A real miracle took place in this healing. Endless gratitude to Shakti Durga and IYS Therapy.”

Janette G., New South Wales, Australia

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Allergies Cured in One Session

“I have been suffering from allergies since I was a young child. They have caused stomach issues, chronic sinus infections, headaches, and many other problems. Recently diagnosed with a histamine intolerance, my body doesn’t break down histamine properly so it builds up in my body. This causes many symptoms such as rashes, an increase in asthma symptoms, insomnia, etc. When the histamine levels reached a level in my body I had a major allergic reaction; once requiring hospitalisation. Living like this was very scary; I never knew when this allergic response would occur. In one healing session with Shakti Durga she identified the energetic cause in my body. She gave me tools to use each day to prevent symptoms and to heal my body. Since that day I have been free of all of the symptoms. The daily rashes are gone. I am sleeping better. My asthma has improved, my stomach feels better than it ever has and I am no longer living in fear that something I eat could send me to the hospital.”

Stefanie, USA

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17 – 19 NOVEMBER 2018

Shakti Durga’s Books 

Energy Healing Made Easy



About Shakti Durga

  • Master Energy Healer & Spiritual Teacher
  • Over 20 years experience
  • Assisted 1000s in personal healing consultations
  • Trained 100s of energy healers
  • Founder of charitable organisation that offers wellness and meditation programs by donation, operating in Australia, US, UK & Canada
  • Highly experienced retreat and personal transformation facilitator
  • Author of 5 books, 3 inspirational card decks, countless meditation, wellness and sacred music CDs

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Recovery from Cardiac Operation

(after the healing with Shakti Durga) I felt a lot more relaxed and comfortable than I have felt since the surgery. Today I felt more comfortable at Cardiac Rehab than I have felt before and I achieved new goals.
My Cardiologist said my blood pressure was quite a bit lower than it has been, we were very happy about that! The echocardiogram results are good, the pressure through the valve is now only 8, prior to the surgery it was 80.
My acupuncture therapist commented that he found my pulse today to be very strong and very precise! Before my treatment I mentioned that I’d had a healing with you yesterday, he was amazed that it had improved so much in a week! My therapist has been treating me for about 12 years so knows my pulse very well. I was smiling to myself because I knew that my pulse had improved a lot because of Your Divine Healing. He did comment to me at the end of the treatment that I always respond well to treatments because of the Energy work that I do.”

Anne, Newcastle

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Prenatal Healing

“Shakti Durga was available and dedicated in our greatest time of need – our long awaited unborn IVF baby had high risk of abnormalities. Shakti Durga offered several profound IYS healings that took us on a soul-level journey of remarkable insights, clearing of past karma, forgiveness and grace. Shekinah was also there to support us, as my body physically purged the toxins and energy was cleared.
The final healing with Shakti Durga continued through the night in dream [whereby the baby’s soul visited to thank us for our service, say goodbye and that she was leaving so we could welcome in a new healthier, brighter soul]. The next morning our results came in two weeks early, everything was perfectly normal and we now have a beautiful happy and healthy boy.
Shakti Durga demonstrated her compassion, empathy, honesty, integrity and Masterful powers of healing over this three-week period. I am eternally grateful to have her in my life.”

Mel, Analyst, Sydney


Disc Healed

“I suffered for 18 months with 2 herniated discs, excruciating pain, unable to do any exercise or even bend and was in deep grief from my brother passing away. I had one healing with Shakti Durga after which the grief literally lifted from me and my back pain dissipated. My back is feeling better day by day, I am back doing yoga and the pain has almost gone. As a consequence I feel better emotionally as well as physically. My back had shown no signs of improvement whatsoever despite having weekly treatments of kinesiology, chiropracty, acupuncture, and pain medication. Absolutely miraculous.”

Helen, Spiritual Teacher, Sydney


Miraculous Relationship Renovation

“My first healing with Shakti Durga transformed a difficult relationship situation. Before the healing I was feeling emotionally drained, lost in the situation and without support or resources to make decisions about my next steps. In the healing I felt the confusion and mixed energy of the people involved lift from my body and mind. I felt like my lost self was rescued and lovingly restored and the energy draining me was returned.. I felt lighter, and was able to think more clearly. I became emotionally calm and I felt supported. This helped me to easily decided my next steps. I felt I was back to my old self again – only I was a better self. Thank you Shakti Durga. The healing was a wonderful and priceless gift.”

C. Curran, Lawyer, Cooranbong

Alleviate Allergies

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17 – 19 NOVEMBER 2018



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